What if your destiny is already written?
Does that mean you should sit back and do nothing with your life and loves?
Heck no! That is the definition of “apathy”, which is a low emotional state that saps away your life force.
In many ways, your destiny is written. If you repeat the same patterns, other things being equal, you will get similar results every time.
There are parts of your life that you would not wish to change. Brushing your teeth twice a day will result you owning your original set of teeth in old age. Hopefully. You would not wish to change this and numerous aspects of your destiny.
On the other hand, other more exciting aspects of your destiny are not easy to change. Now, some scientists are beginning to hypothesise that your destiny is a foregone conclusion more or less.
Your future reality or destiny is sending feedback to your present self AND your present self is also feeding back to your destiny.
You are in a feedback loop. A matrix. The future influences today’s intentions. Your intentions are influencing your destiny.
Pay attention to your intentions.