I nearly lost my son.

Two weekends ago, my eldest son was feeling unwell with flu-like symptoms for a couple of days. Then, it got worse. His mother took him into Solihull hospital to get him checked out by Tuesday evening.

It was a good job she did. After being examined by a doctor, he was told he had the symptoms of meningitis. The shocking news reached me late at night. I was away in London.

Thus, began the worst 36 hours of my life. My biggest nightmare seemed to be unfolding with a vengeance. Name any negative emotion. I felt it in those 36 hours of hell.

I could neither travel nor could I rest, let alone sleep. So, first thing in the morning I headed up to Solihull.

My son had been kept in an isolated room in the Acute Medical Unit (AMU). He was in terrible pain and his body was stiff. The doctors were planning to do a medical test to establish if he had any viral or bacterial infection in his spinal fluid.

I hadn’t heard of a lumbar puncture until now. Nor will I ever forget how much hurt and pain it caused my son. Later on, several of my female friends informed me that the lumbar puncture was worse for them than childbirth.

The doctors used a local anaesthetic to numb the target area and then inserted a long needle between his vertebrae. I have never seen my son or any other human hurt so much.

My son held both my hands with the tightest grip during the agonising procedure He tried to hold back his tears. I barely held myself together. After 30 minutes of this torturous procedure, they managed to get 4 samples to send off for testing. A couple of hours later, the first set of results came back.

The news was what we desperately needed.

Despite showing the majority of symptoms of meningitis, they could not find the cause. They even gave him a chest X-Ray the following day to double-check. Nothing.

Is there an explanation for how he was seriously considered as having contracted meningitis?

I believe there is.

It is the power of intention and collective prayer. The moment I had news of the suspected condition, I contacted the key individuals who I knew also believed in the power of intention and prayers to help. My parents, siblings, some lifelong friends and my Living From The Heart community.

I knew it was going to be difficult for me to keep myself together, especially as both my sons and I are so close. The following day, I posted on Facebook about my son and asked people to focus the intention and attention on the good health and wellbeing of my son. I didn’t tell them about the meningitis.

I was in no place to chat or talk to anyone. All I wanted was to be present for my son and with him in his darkest hour. He was admitted into hospital on Tuesday night and we took him home by Friday afternoon.

Why do I write about my son on my “professional” blog?

The people who have known me for a number of years know how driven I am to make a significant impact on people’s lives. For 12 years I have been researching the synergy between science and spirituality in order to understand how a single individual can undergo sufficient personal evolution to create global transformation.

This is all well and good.

Ultimately, how many energy, intention and attention am I investing in the people who matter most to me?

Because if I cannot give my significant relationships the attention they deserve, is there any real meaning in serving random strangers?

So do both. Make a difference to the significant people in your life AND to the world at large.

Dr John Gray, author of “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, once told me:

“Your health and relationships are everything. The rest is stuff.”

I agree with him AND I’ve distilled down it down further:

“Your relationships are everything.”

You have a relationship with:

  1. Significant family members
  2. Your mind
  3. Your body
  4. Your vocation or career
  5. Money
  6. Your contribution to society
  7. Your spirituality

Your life is not about the “work-life balance”. Heck No. Work-Life balance presupposes that 50% of your life is about work and the other 50% is about everything else. Are you kidding me?

You are not a worker bee nor a wage slave. You are far more than you have been led to believe. You were born to be free. Born to thrive, not just survive. Born to come alive and not just exist.

We are the first generation of human beings in recorded history to have the ability to consciously evolve. No other animal has that ability.

If, like me, you have come to the conclusion that YOU were created to be far more powerful than your life has been demonstrating, then I invite you to join the revolution in consciousness. It begins with shifting your internal barriers and blockages that are sabotaging your success.

Here’s how you start.

Listen to my interview with Lynne McTaggart about intentional living. Click here to listen now:

We are blessed. My son is now back in good health and is back to his university. After nearly losing him, I realise this much. I am very lucky to be alive and to have the opportunity to be the best dad I can be to my children. THEY are the people who are my biggest purpose.

By investing my intention, attention and action towards them, I am also allowing myself to be in the most powerful place to serve humanity through my work.

It all starts with that…intention.