A number of years ago, I received an invitation to deliver a 1-hour motivational talk at a school to their most disruptive and behaviourally challenged students. The age of these boys were between 13 and 15.

This group students had been pulled out from normal classroom activities due to the negative impact they were having on the rest of the student population. As a result of this dramatic action, the average grade of the other students leapt up.

I felt for my colleague when he was delivering his segment of the workshop and, despite his best effort, some of the students were still nudging and laughing during his presentation. It was a miracle that he got through to them.

Then, it was my turn to present.

I was told prior to the event that the students had never seen a person of colour before. Yes. Such places still exist in the UK! Most of these young adults were from impoverished families and neighbourhoods.

I began my presentation.

“Before I begin to share with you a couple of stories, I’d like to share just one thing.

The real reason why it’s easy to be distracted and to want to distract others is one word. FEAR.”

In less than 3 minutes, they learnt how the brain is wired to be driven by fear. The rest of the 57 minutes was lively, interactive and disruption-free. They listened and engaged with intent.

We often take those who are challenged or challenging as an obstacle to our agenda. In fact, all they need is a little compassion and understanding.

Fear affects all of our decisions and, consequently, our actions. Thus, the reality that manifests is in accordance to those fears.

By knowing your deepest fears, you are halfway to tapping into your greatest brilliance. And, rewiring your brain means making decisions and taking from a space of emotional neutrality.


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