Are you known as someone who lifts the mood or kills the atmosphere?

Everybody wants to be happy and feel fulfilled. 

The release of endorphines, dopamine and serotonin makes people feel good, relaxes their body and even lowers blood pressure. 

How can you help your people achieve such health and happiness?


A genuine smile is highly contagious. A smile activates the neuropeptides that work towards lowering overall stress and are responsible for the feel good factors mentioned above. 

As an influencer, smile more often. Even when you’re talking on the phone, smile. It is that contagious. 

When done with authentic intention, you will be associated with someone who lifts people’s moods. People will engage most with those who they know, like and trust. 

Today, practice smiling at every single person you meet. Smile for the sake of smiling. 


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