Influence Lesson #5 Be Like a Superhero


How much do you have? Very little? Lots? Or are you oozing confidence?

You don’t need to be confident with everything. As an influencer, however, you need to be confident in your speciality. It can make or break your career. 

You can literally change your level of confidence rapidly by changing your physical state. 

Compare the physiology of a depressed person and that of a confidence person. What’s the difference?

Today, even in this moment, stand up and pose like Wonder Woman or Superman. Hold this pose for 60 seconds. Notice how you feel. 

Now, think of a future encounter or event when you could do with a little more confidence. Hold the superhero pose (see above picture) for 60 seconds whilst thinking about this future encounter or event.

With a little practice, you’ll quickly learn how to switch on your confidence in less than 60 seconds. 

Today’s exercise is to hold that pose for 60 seconds 3-4 times. Yes, you will look silly. But, at least, you’ll be confidence whilst looking like you’re crazy.  


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