There is only one real reason why relationships are created and sustained. 


The only reason a relationship fails is dissonance (opposite of resonance).

In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system or external force drives another system to oscillate with greater amplitude at specific frequencies.

OK, that’s a bit of a mouthful. Let’s make it simple. 

When two people are in resonance, they are connected by a common interest. One of the most important common interests for influencers is a shared vision. 

If you haven’t figured out the vision for the world you’re looking to create or the legacy you’re looking to leave, then that’s ok for now. Ask the people you work with, serve or looking to serve about their vision. 

Granted some will have no clue, others will have a vague idea and a few will have total clarity. 

We won’t look at your vision right now. That will come soon. Use your knowledge of other people’s visions to inspire you, build up your inner fire and knowledge of how you can serve others. 

Today, ask at least 3 people about their vision about either their career, relationships or health. Here’s a question I often ask people:

“What’s your BIG dream for your career?

If nothing, it provokes deep thought and interest in people. 


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