“Let thy speech be better than silence or be silent.”

Those were the words of Dionysius. 

Even the greatest or orators understand that it is not just the words, but the words between the words, that create great speeches. 

Highly influential leaders have exceptional listening skills. 

It’s not just about shutting up and letting the other speak. Most people’s ‘monkey minds’ continue to chatter furiously even when words do not leave their lips. 

Today, talk to at least 3 people. When they speak, pay attention to every word they say. 

  • Do NOT try to analyse anything.
  • Do NOT prepare what you’re going to say to them. 
  • Do NOT look for anything. 

 Do this instead:

  • Just be present with them. 
  • DO maintain reasonable eye contact.
  • Respond to them AFTER they have finished saying their piece. 

When the people you interact with feel they’ve been heard, they feel valued and appreciated. They become more responsive to you over time. Remember the key word is ‘practice‘. 


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