Oldest restaurant in Europe based in Austria opened in 803 CE

There’s getting results and there’s making an impact.

Results can be often be measured by sales value, sales volumes, number of customers acquired, etc.

It doesn’t mean what you offer has a positive consequence for the people you serve and/or the planet. In fact, there’s far too much junk sold than there are quality of goods or services.

If the usual measurements of success – money – is your main modus operandi, then you may wish to reconsider.

When your customers buy from you, how deep is the impact of the product on their lives?

Does your product or service provide temporary pleasure or does it have long-term positive and sustainable effects on your customers?

Deep impact leads to memorability, stickability and loyalty.

In business terms, that turns to long term profitability all round.

Otherwise, you are inadvertently choosing forgettability.

The visionary leader thinks decades and centuries into the future.

To such a leader, influence means delivering beyond the transaction. It means the relationship continues years after the product has been bought and has been replaced.


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