…to everything.

Simon was attending Sunday Kung Fu class one summer. The classes usually took place in the basement of One, the Esplanade in Sunderland. During this particular day, the sun was blazing on the coastal town in the northeast of England.

So a small subgroup of the class decided to practice in the lawn of this private terrace. If you’d ever been to Sunderland, you would know that we never got dry summers. So the grass was somewhat damp. As long as the students used good techniques, there would be no problem.

Unfortunately that day, Simon was not the best technician. He was preparing to perform a turning kick (aka ’roundhouse), which involved him kicking in a twisted motion with his right leg whilst standing on his left. During such a kick, the student must ensure the foot of the balancing leg also turns.

Simon had his left foot firmly on the ground. His upper body twisted. So did his upper leg. But his lower leg was firmly planted in the ground. You cannot fight the laws of physics no matter how good you are at Martial Arts.

In that flash of a moment when Simon twisted his upper body to kick, the knee could not handle the pressure and, as a result, was shattered. Ouch!

An ambulance was called and Simon was taken to hospital. In those minutes of agonisng pain, any normal human being urgently needs a powerful painkiller. He was given a small dose of painkiller by the emergency service and when he arrived at hospital, he was given a stronger dosage. During the course of a short stay in hospital, Simon was X-rayed and had plaster casted around his left leg to help him recover over the next few weeks and months.

When Simon was crying out in pain, no amount of energy healing or homeopathy or motivational coaching or psychotherapy would have eradicated his pain and fix his leg. The most appropriate course of action was the services provided by conventional medicine.

This brings me onto the Law of Attraction, which was massively popularised for a hungry community by Esther and Jerry Hicks.


When the 2006 movie ‘The Secret‘ was released, millions of people jumped onto this bandwagon in an attempt to change their lives. It worked for many, but it also destroyed many lives.


The wife of a friend was suffering from cancer at the time. She was inspired by the Law of Attraction and decided to come off her medication. I don’t know what the medication entailed. However, shortly after coming off the meds, she died. She placed her entire healing on the belief that she would be cured.

Belief has a powerful role to play in one’s healing. In fact, the placebo effect plays a significant role in healing through pharmaceutical drugs. They may try to argue otherwise because placeboes do not lead to profits.

However, there are many occasions where an individual’s situation is so advanced that the mind alone nor energy healing can offer the best solution. Energy healing has been used by many shamanic traditions and in other ancient healing practices for millennia. It is highly likely to have helped ease some of Simon’s pain and certainly expedite his recovery.

In future articles, I will be discussing the different areas of life that energy healing is most powerful. You will also get an insight into other forms of therapy that have a massively transformative effect on your physical health and wellbeing.

Love and gratitude,

Harun Rabbani


Harun Rabbani is the creator and developer of the Total Heart Transformation method. He operates his practice at his clinic in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey and via Skype and telephone. He also trains student practitioners to become fully qualified THT energy healing practitioners.
If you are seeking energy healing or you wish to become a THT practitioner, Harun can be contacted via his website or via telephone on 020 8123 6416.