Pound for pound amongst all the professions, the most influential change makers are entrepreneurs. But, it is rarely and easy ride. 

What makes entrepreneurship especially challenging is understanding the bigger picture as am business owner instead of getting trapped in the minutiae of a company. 

Two ordinary individuals who have been doing some remarkable work are Beth and Peter Bostwick. They’ve been together since school days and both have enjoyed their individual careers. But then they were triggered to change. 

They found an opportunity to launch their own business. It didn’t work. 

So they tried a few more times. 

Finally, they launched their latest business. Even through the depth of a massive global recession, personal health challenges and depression, they turned their startup to a million dollar plus business, which they sold last year for millions.

Watch their interview in the first episode of the Harun Rabbani Show, my brand new series of interviews with highly influential people.