Sitting on the golden sandy beach of Sanur in Bali, I was in awe of the sun as it snuggled into the night. The sky was like an artist’s canvas of a thousand hues of red, orange and pink.

It was November 2009. It was the first time I’d been so relaxed and chilled in years. I didn’t want my holiday retreat to end. Mother Nature captured my heart. How would life be if I could live in the heart of Nature like this?

Visions of possible future were streaming through my mind.

I am on the balcony at home located near the top of a mountain. One of the paths led from home straight into a forest rich with flora and fauna. A river flowing in the valley below. The beach is barely a short drive away.

Soon enough, it was time to fly back to London. Despite the dream, my move to Bali never happened. It was too far to travel, especially considering my commitment to my pre-teen sons. In due course, I let go of the dream.

Fast forward to April 3rd 2019. That was last week.

I arrive at Stavanger Airport in Norway. The woman of my dreams meets me at the airport. We set our intentions to be with each other for life. Thankfully, one of my sons is at university and the other one will be starting his apprenticeship civil engineering firm in August. In case of emergencies, they are less than a half day’s journey.

Julie and I began our search for an apartment a month earlier. When we stepped into the first property, instantly, I knew this was THE one. I didn’t even have to look at it fully. You know how I knew it was the one?

It is three quarters up a mountain. We can see the entire town below us from our balcony. There is a river at the bottom of the mountain that leads to a fjord, which ends at the sea. The nearest beach is 10 minutes away and there are more beaches only 20 minutes away. Behind our home, there is a path that leads to a forest less than 20 metres away.

Wow! Is this the law of attraction in action? The Law of intention? Sheer luck? Or some kind of synchronicity?

Here is a different perspective to it all. It may surprise you.

The future creates the past, which then creates the future. We live in feedback loop of time.

What does this mean?

When I sat on the beach in Bali, I was trying to figure out a future. I wasn’t trying to attract a home or a future reality. I was just “day-dreaming”.

But what if my future reality was giving me glimpses of its happening? What if I my daydream or desire was merely a nudge from the future to the current time? Perhaps giving me hope. Maybe, we set our goals and intentions based on our future reality that is going to happen anyway?

Does this mean your destiny is written?

Yes and no.

Yes. Everything that has ever happened or will happen to you is all taking place at the same time. Your future reality is giving you feedback all the time through your heart intelligence (intuition), instinct and dreams. As a result, your current dreams, desires and goals will be influenced by the future.

As you change your thoughts, feelings, intentions, words and actions (your inputs), the future reality will get feedback and tweaked and amended. It will not completely change.

As much as I love spirituality and science, it was not “supposed” to be my path. Given my scientific mind, I would certainly not have chosen to be a healer. Yet, shortly after deciding to drop medicine as a career, I ended up working in the medical devices sector. Later on, despite my skepticism, the gift of healing “chose” me.

We can try to avoid or evade our destiny. But, in the end, your destiny will always be in front of you.

So why is there so much pain and suffering in people’s destiny?

Suffering is a natural occurrence. It is one’s resistance to change that prolongs suffering. We suffer for many reasons and, in a lot of cases, for many seasons. The causes of suffering are diverse. One of them is because of attachment to who we think we are meant to be.

When you box yourself into a particular identity that you’ve been led to believe is yours, you end up creating internal conflict and resistance. It was given to you through conditioning and childhood programming. And you will fight tooth and nail to protect that identity.

On the other hand, your destiny is beckoning you. It usually isn’t who or what you think you will become. You will get to your destiny by hook or crook! Either you will get there through much resistance or  like a stream gently flowing to the ocean.

How do you know what is your destiny?

We can never truly or fully know our destiny until after the event. However, you can get glimpses of the of your life journey ahead of time.

In February 2001, that’s exactly what happened to me. I got my glimpse. Initially, I enjoyed what I was being shown, but then I dismissed it because the trajectory of my life made no sense whatsoever.

In February 2001, I thought I was in a happy marriage with our one-year old son. In my visioneering that led to me seeing my future, I observed the following:

  1. By the end of 2001, we have two sons, despite us having zero plans for any children.
  2. 18 months from that date, my wife was no longer at my side. Would she die of someone horrendous accident or cancer? No way. She was too young. My two sons would be with me for the rest of my life.
  3. When I turn 44, I am a spiritual teacher. What the…?!! No way! I was not religious. The only thing I wanted to be was a motivational teacher like Tony Robbins, but teaching business growth.
  4. By the time I am 48, I meet the woman who I spend the rest of my life with. She is not just any woman. She is deeply spiritual and becomes the most powerful healer I know. Why would I even consider being with anyone religious?
  5. For another 3 decades, my life partner and I travel the world together to host large gatherings teaching, healing and transformation.

I got all this with pure clarity on that cold February weekend. It actually made me a bit sick. No way would I let me wife die at such a young age. So I dismissed the vision. Over the next 18 years…one by one, my destiny unfolded beyond belief. It truly is stranger than fiction.

How do you align yourself to your destiny?

Now, we are talking. It is all about alignment.

At the fundamental level, you are a pure matrix of energy. Imagine yourself as this cloud of information.

Let’s called that an “energy field”. Information will flow in and out of you all the time. When your energy field is distressed, it causes disequilibrium in the rest of the field. Therefore, it will compensate in other ways to restore harmony and balance.

What causes the most distress?

Your thoughts, feelings and actions/reactions, which are caused by your attachment to your “desires”.

The opposite of attaching is “releasing” or “letting go”. As you release one layer of desires, another layer pops up to, hopefully, be released. Then something remarkable happens.

Releasing one layer of “stuff” takes you to a higher state of consciousness. The higher you go, the more easy it is to be aligned to your destiny. You get more clarity about who you are, what you are here to do and how to get to your destiny with grace, gratitude and flow.

Attaining the highest state of consciousness

The highest state of consciousness is achieved when you get out of your head (thinking and head-generated feelings = fears) AND get into your heart. It doesn’t mean ignoring your head, but no longer being a slave to the egoic mind (the head).

There is plenty of scientific evidence to demonstrate the profound influence of the heart on your reality. The ancient wisdom-keepers have said it over the ages and, today, leading-edge science is saying the same thing…

The heart has its own mind. Furthermore, many more instructions go from the heart to the head than the head to the heart. Your heart is the true control centre of your being.

If you want to create a reality that leads to a life of happiness, fulfilment and true success, then align  your head, heart and hands. The head represents processing of information (including, creative and rational). The heart represents kindness, connection AND decision-making. The hands represents taking action.

Why do it alone when you can do it with the masters?

In 1991, the HeartMath Institute, a research and education organisation was founded to carry out clinical research on emotional physiology and self-regulation. Their work has shown how influential the heart is in relationships, managing stress and many more hidden powers of the heart. Their research has been published in peer-reviewed journals.

The first CEO of HeartMath, Bruce Cryer, will be joining us at a unique experiential event that will leave you in awe of your REAL potential. The Human Heart Gathering is a deep immersive experience that will first take you into the truth of the authentic you.

You’ll understand your genius mind. Then you will deep dive into the super-genius of your heart and define yourself. Finally, we will explore what happens when you create coherence between many hearts. How does that affect your personal evolution and impact on global transformation?

Is there guesswork involved?

No way! When you arrive at the Human Heart Gathering on the Friday, you’ll get an opportunity to get your personal energy field measured. You will also get it measured on Sunday before you leave. Our collective energy fields will be measured over the three days.

The scientist who invented the device for measuring energy fields, Professor Konstantin Korotkov, and his team will carry out the measurements. If you don’t know him, get to know him. He is one of the world’s greatest living pioneers of science and spirituality in a real and practical way.

You will be taken through various states of high consciousness that opens up your heart, pineal gland and initiates accelerated healing. You’ll be immersed in various tones, voices and sounds from the classical traditions of Raag (Indian), Flamenco (Spanish) and Sufi (Rumi). You’ll be led through several deep meditative and mindfulness meditations throughout the three days.

You will then be taken through group transformative work that can impact families, teams, communities and entire populations. Along this journey, do not be surprised to discover your first step to transforming your destiny.

Due to capacity, the unique Human Heart Gathering can only accept 300 people. Even as we announced it, a large number of seats have been snapped up. I don’t want you to miss out. When you buy now, you can get the Early Bird tickets. Click here to decide which one of the four ticket types you wish you invest in.

What will happen to your destiny, “2001 Harun Rabbani”?

So here’s what actually happened in my life since February 2001:

  • Ten months after the vision, my youngest son was born. Now I have two sons.
  • Thankfully, my wife never died. However, 18 months from that fateful day, the end of my marriage commenced. Another 2 months later, I left our family home. 10 months later she was officially no longer my wife.
  • At 44, I was indeed teaching science and spirituality and helping hundreds of clients heal their health, wealth and relationships using my own transformation method (THT).
  • Shortly after I turned 48, I met my ultimate soulmate. Soon enough, I discovered how a powerful healer she was and, I feel, will be in the future.
  • Last week, Julie and I moved in together and I have just been invited to speak at a national healer’s convention in Norway. There are a whole bunch of conferences, retreats and gatherings lined up for us to deliver teachings and healing at.

Much of your destiny is still in your hands. When you take back your power from your head to your heart, not only will you reclaim the owner of your destiny, you will impact on the destiny of millions of people.

See you at the Human Heart Gathering in London at the end of May!

Love and gratitude,


Founder of The Human Heart Gathering