One Way How Monogamous Men Stay Faithful

It is not a myth. Men can be faithful. More specifically, men currently in a monogamous relationship can stay faithful. It's all in his biochemistry. According  to a 2012 study by neuroscientists, "The prosocial neuropeptide oxytocin (OXT) has been identified as a key facilitator of both interpersonal attraction and the formation of parental attachment."  In [...]

Mental Health Issues Are A Social Disease

The happiest people you will meet are the richest people in the world. Otherwise, only the 0.01% of the global population would be happy and the rest of us, frankly, miserable. The happiest people have lots of material possessions. Otherwise all the world's hoarders will be the happy ones. How's that working out? The happiest people [...]

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Does Your Destiny Determine Who You Become?

Sitting on the golden sandy beach of Sanur in Bali, I was in awe of the sun as it snuggled into the night. The sky was like an artist's canvas of a thousand hues of red, orange and pink. It was November 2009. It was the first time I'd been so relaxed and chilled in [...]

Your Destiny

What if your destiny is already written? Does that mean you should sit back and do nothing with your life and loves? Heck no! That is the definition of "apathy", which is a low emotional state that saps away your life force. In many ways, your destiny is written. If you repeat the same patterns, [...]

The TWO Real Reasons Why Bosses Lose Influence

https://youtu.be/8NyKAVStNRE Harun Rabbani is a leadership mentor, author and keynote speaker. He helps his clients inspire, influence and impact their customers and their teams. He is currently writing “The Influencer’s Handbook” for brave, caring business owners. Click here to find him on LinkedIn and visit his website www.harunrabbani.com. Want to know how you can [...]

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How to sabotage your soulmate relationship in 5 easy steps

https://youtu.be/4CN9NjGQEr0 Is your relationship so boring, monotonous and lacking drama that you’re begging to destroy it? During this video, you’ll learn about the wiz-dumb I’ve learnt along the way to help bring a relationship to a screeching halt. Admittedly, I had to steal some of other people’s strategies to compile this short list. For the [...]

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Histrionic personality disorder

    Have you ever been in a situation where a friend, family member or even a colleague takes something relatively meaningless and create an entirely different story inside their head? Of course, everybody at some point makes a mountain out of a molehill. However, sometimes it becomes a default characteristic trait in some cases. [...]

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