How The World Needs Many More Healers In A Post-Pandemic World

We have seen the news headlines. Hospitals and healthcare systems struggle to manage the influx of coronavirus patients and the tragic death toll.  Even after cancelling 2 million operations, healthcare systems are near collapse. The patients whose operations have been include those suffering from cancer, cataracts, needing hip replacement, to name a few. All have [...]

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17 Benefits of Being An Energy Healer

In order to survive, every human has to self-heal. But life is not just about surviving. It is also about thriving. Thus, some people have taken healing to another level. They have the capability to heal others because they healing other is an innate gift; or they learn the skills and practice of healing from [...]

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Self-Mastery Begins With Stillness

  Self-mastery is the understanding and the ability to effectively manage your human experience through your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses. Why is self-mastery so important? Our childhood programming, traumas and indoctrination often leads to living a reactionary, unfulfilled and disenchanted life. These are the causes of relationship toxicity, failed careers, financial turmoil, poor health [...]

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Are You Sleep Waking Through Life?

You have been embedded with information from the moment you were conceived. By the time your seven years old, the programming is complete. When you operate primarily from this “life map”, you become a victim of your programming. Most people sleep-waking through life. If you are of the few who is awake, your [...]

The 5G Technology Question

The philosopher stood in front of 500 of his peers. He is proud. He refuses to budge from his principles. The two accusations were clear and very serious: impiety against the pantheons (gods) of Athens and moral corruption of the youth of the city. The philosopher taught critical thinking to his students and encouraged them [...]

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