HR Crossed ArmsI am very excited as I am about to launch two new arms to my business. Let me tell you about just one of them for now.

You may be aware that I am big on people making a real difference to the world and that there are two groups of people who I feel are in the best space to do that – entrepreneurs and true healers. This is why I remain an entrepreneur and serve my compatriots and also serve those highly developed healers who are going way above the call of duty and beyond.

Here’s the thing though. Entrepreneurship is one of those subjects that you cannot just learn by reading a book. This is why I am inviting some of the best entrepreneurial minds to help my friends who I am serving.

As of Wednesday 1st October, I will be launching a brand new chat show on our YouTube channel as part of our UnTangled FM offerings.

The show will be focused on anyone who is or wishes to become an entrepreneur and will include business news, ways to earn money and how to save money. After all, what is the point of making money if you cannot keep any for yourself and your loved ones, right?

We will be talking about and talking to famous entrepreneurs,  including women entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs who have made it big, social entrepreneurs and getting to grips with the successful characteristics of entrepreneurs.

You can join and watch it live on Google Hangouts and YouTube and put your most important questions to our guests. Make sure you keep an eye out here to be updated about how you can join in our streaming TV live.

If you have a comment, suggestion or wish to hear from one of your entrepreneurial heroes, please let me know! I will do my best to bring them to you.

To your success!

Harun Rabbani, Entrepreneur