The Prize Or The Process

Everybody has their eye on the prize. But the prize is not available to everybody. Just one person gets it. If you're after the prize, then those who do not get the prize, by definition, are losers. How about focusing on the process? After all, the the journey through the process takes much longer than [...]

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How The World Needs Many More Healers In A Post-Pandemic World

We have seen the news headlines. Hospitals and healthcare systems struggle to manage the influx of coronavirus patients and the tragic death toll.  Even after cancelling 2 million operations, healthcare systems are near collapse. The patients whose operations have been include those suffering from cancer, cataracts, needing hip replacement, to name a few. All have [...]

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17 Benefits of Being An Energy Healer

In order to survive, every human has to self-heal. But life is not just about surviving. It is also about thriving. Thus, some people have taken healing to another level. They have the capability to heal others because they healing other is an innate gift; or they learn the skills and practice of healing from [...]

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How The Meditation Myth Is Failing Millions

In this blog post, read about the single most prevailing myth that destroys people’s meditation ambitions. Also learn how you can turn meditation from the occasional action into a lifelong natural habit. Male Frontal Lobe Brain Anatomy Everybody seems to be talking about meditation and mindfulness. So it seems. Not everyone who starts [...]

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One Way How Monogamous Men Stay Faithful

It is not a myth. Men can be faithful. More specifically, men currently in a monogamous relationship can stay faithful. It's all in his biochemistry. According  to a 2012 study by neuroscientists, "The prosocial neuropeptide oxytocin (OXT) has been identified as a key facilitator of both interpersonal attraction and the formation of parental attachment."  In [...]

Fall Seven Times. Stand Up Eight

Failure is inevitable. It means expectations and reality did not match. How many times have you failed? Once? Twice? Hundreds of even thousands of times? One thing I can guarantee is that the person who never failed at anything has never tried anything. Yet, the men and women who are the most successful across any [...]

Self-Mastery Begins With Stillness

  Self-mastery is the understanding and the ability to effectively manage your human experience through your thoughts, feelings, actions and responses. Why is self-mastery so important? Our childhood programming, traumas and indoctrination often leads to living a reactionary, unfulfilled and disenchanted life. These are the causes of relationship toxicity, failed careers, financial turmoil, poor health [...]

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