About Harun Rabbani

Harun Rabbani is an author, mentor and international award-winning trainer and speaker specialising in personal transformation. Outside of his tribe, Harun speaks at schools, colleges, universities and organisations that want to develop emotionally resilient and creative leaders of the future. Want to hire Harun as your next keynote speaker to inspire, educate and empower your people, then send an email to harun@harunrabbani.com. If you represent a school, college, university or any education-based institution, please send a request to hire Harun Rabbani to his management team: info@stretchdevelopment.com

The Prize Or The Process

Everybody has their eye on the prize. But the prize is not available to everybody. Just one person gets it. If you're after the prize, then those who do not get the prize, by definition, are losers. How about focusing on the process? After all, the the journey through the process takes much longer than [...]

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