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Harun Rabbani is a functional medicine health coach, consultant, mentor and international award-winning trainer and speaker specialising in reversing type 2 diabetes. Harun also speaks at schools, colleges, universities and organisations that want to develop emotionally resilient and creative leaders of the future. Want to hire Harun as your next keynote speaker to inspire, educate and empower your people, then send an email to harun@harunrabbani.com. If you represent a school, college, university or any education-based institution, please send a request to hire Harun Rabbani to his management team: info@stretchdevelopment.com

The Deeper Meaning In Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Your most important relationships. What happens to them when your health is going downhill, week by week? Spare a thought for the person with a chronic disease like type 2 diabetes. Or even someone who is a pre-diabetic. It’s a slippery slope that can easily get out of control. What happens to such a person besides [...]

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Reverse Type2 Diabetes

The evidence from science is overwhelming and clear. Type 2 diabetes and its leading cause, insulin resistance, can be reversed.  Considered a chronic disease, it is a debilitating condition that can lead to very serious complications affecting your mental and physical health, energy levels, longevity, relationships, career and general quality of life. It doesn't [...]

Get FREE Access to The Seven Secret Powers of YOUR Root Chakra

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