You have been embedded with information from the moment you were conceived. By the time your seven years old, the programming is complete. When you operate primarily from this “life map”, you become a victim of your programming.

Most people sleep-waking through life. If you are of the few who is awake, your destiny is to lead.

How do you get yourself fully awake?

1. Stop doing ALL the stuff that reinforces the programming Of thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This is what influences your karma most. Repeating the same old patterns is like putting on the snooze button to an awakened life.

2. Become more mindful of when you’re reactive and when you’re responsive. Change accordingly. When the physician invites the patient back to check on the impact of medicine, they may say you are “reacting to the medication” or you are “responding to the medication”. Would it be worthwhile for you to know the difference between reacting and responding?

3. Create space between your thoughts. Meditate. Get a mentor to guide you. Doing it alone inevitably leads to abandoning a deeply empowering process.

4. Open up your heart and embrace ALL fears, shadows and inner demons. Let go of running away from your fears.

5. Let go of attachments to desires. Have desires anyway.

6. Mentor others to take responsibility for their lives.

7. Build your tribe.