About Harun Rabbani

Everybody wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are…as they are.
Yet, most people struggle to appreciate others for who they are as they are. Remember the saying in the movie, Avatar, the Navi say to each other “I see you”? This means “I see you for who you truly are’.
Whether you are a professional looking to reach your lofty goals, a business owner looking to live your life or a member of the public seeking to enjoy better health, wealth and relationships, the first step is to find your authentic nature.
This is how Harun Rabbani has helped his clients to achieve the hopes, dreams and aspirations for over two decades. Harun is a Consultant, Coach and Mentor with a difference. As well as working with a select group of private clients, Harun trains holistic health professionals to use energy healing, coaching and mentoring skills to make a significant impact on the lives and professional careers of their clients.

Why Does Harun Do This?

Harun’s purpose is to help people know, live and speak their truth. The individual who lives authentically will enjoy meaningful relationships, meaningful work and have a meaningful life. Harun helps his clients to remove the blockages, barriers and illusions that prevent them from experiencing true meaning in their lives.

How Did Harun Gain This Knowledge?

Harun’s exploration into the synergy between science, consciousness and spirituality since 2007 gives him a unique perspective, understanding and wisdom into personal evolution and global transformation. Harun has been researching, interviewing and collaborating with some of the world’s leading scientists and transformational leaders to help create more inspirational, influential and impactful leaders. And leadership begins inside.
Harun is currently working with a number of eminent scientists and leaders to help individuals and entire communities to build a world that is embodied by kindness, compassion and collaboration. This is through the power of the heart.

Who Does Harun Help?

Harun works with a range of people with a particular passion for changemakers, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders. He has delivered talks and workshops to over 50,000 students at schools, colleges and universities to boost their creativity, confidence and self-worth. Harun has also been helping permanently change the lives of thousands of adults from all other walks of life.

What are Harun Rabbani’s unique skillset?

For over twenty years, Harun Rabbani has been helping thousands of people grow, nurture and develop by helping them build their most impactful relationships. The reason his clients have enjoyed such an impact in their 7 relationships is because Harun always takes his clients to the root causes of all their relationship challenges. Harun is an international award-winning trainer, mentor, coach, consultant and healer.

How Can You Access Harun’s Work?

There are 5 ways to work with Harun directly.
You can learn about how you can use energy healing to take full control of your life through his “Energy Healing Podcast“. Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/c/HarunRabbani/playlists
Second, if you’re struggling to meditate, then grab a copy of “The 27 Secret Meditation Hacks” FREE PDF by clicking here.
Third, discover how to take better control of your reality by watching the “The Seven Elements in Manifesting ANY Thing in Your Life” webinar by clicking here
Fourth, if you’re a courageous aspiring high school or primary school teacher, then explore the Stretch Academy Leadership Platform by clicking here.
Harun has written several books that you can get from Amazon, including “How To Heal Yourself: The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Mind, Body And Soul” and “Horizon: Visioneering For The Globally Conscious Entrepreneur”.

Key Employment History

2003-Present UnTangled Living, CEO

2001-2003 Territory Manager, ENT, Gyrus International

2000-2001 Recruitment Consultant, PhD Jobs

1996-2000 Territory Manager, Endotherapy, Olympus KeyMed

***A Little About My Achievements***

1994 – Founding Trustee of Bangladeshi Youth Forum

1997 – British Kickboxing Champion (Grand Prix Series)

2002 – Deputy President, Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce (leadership development)

2003 – President, Birmingham Junior Chamber of Commerce

2003 – Most Outstanding Trainer in British Junior Chambers

2004 – National Training Director, British Junior Chamber

2004 – Founding Director of Young Directors’ Forum (part of Institute of Directors)

2007 – Presenter of ‘The Superhero Show’ on BBC Radio WM (West Midlands)

Our Values

We are transitioning into an epoch marked by an aware and awakened human species. In order to succeed, we urgently need to make better decisions on an individual and collective basis. We do this by developing better leaders who also happen to be the curators of all our most precious resources.

Harun Rabbani’s purpose is to help our leaders become better decision-makers by removing the deeply embedded programming that block inner connection and flow. Outer success arises from the optimal performance of the internal structures for decision-making. This means aligning and integrating the thinking, heart, body, intuitive and energetic minds.

Harun’s SIX core values are:

  1. Making a significant impact in the lives of our clients, colleagues and collaborative partners.
  2. Being authentic by living and speaking our truth. We say what we do and do what we say in a timely, professional, appropriate and transparent manner.
  3. Enjoying the freedom to be our creative selves without limitations. Our freedom extends to our genius mind, health, career, money, relationships, spirituality and contribution to and influence in society.
  4. We treat all with compassion by seeking to understand and support our stakeholders to the best of our ability.
  5. By tapping into Universal Creativity, we develop the most powerful solutions for our clients.
  6. We make a difference to the people and the planet in a profitable way,