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Most people will respond with an emphatic “YES!”

Everyone wants a quick fix so they can get rid of unwanted stuff. Poor health. Debt. Loneliness. Being single. Being in a bad relationship. A boring job. A broken home.

Yet, why do most people stay for so long in these places, predicaments and in relationships with people they can’t stand? Months, years or even decades?

In 2002, I was a trustee on the board of one of Birmingham’s biggest charities. My colleagues, John, asked me to help his friend. Let’s call him Brian from Birmingham. (Based on a true story with just changed names.)

Brian was suffering from agoraphobia and had been home bound for over a decade. Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder in which you fear and avoid places or situations that might cause you to panic and make you feel trapped.

No amount of psychology or therapy was working on Brian. So I visited him and he told me his full story.

At this time, Brian was now in his mid seventies. With a sparkle in his eyes, he revealed how he used to sing, dance and entertain people since the 1930s. He was a also a bit of a socialite and knew many famous people of the day.

He had travelled all over the world, including on cruise ships, entertaining the troops and the general public alike. He was also madly in love with his beautiful wife.

Alas, the love of his life died two decades earlier. Soon enough, he decided to retire and began living his solitary life with only a cat for company. Nobody visited him.

Nobody called. A man who had brought so much life and laughter to others was now a distant memory to all.

By the time the agoraphobia kicked in, his only visitor was my friend, John. He would accompany Brian to the local pub once a week. On some occasions, Brian would get dizzy spells and would get close to feinting en route to the pub.

Brian looked at me and expressed his delight and gratitude about how the local health authority were doing their best to help him eradicate his agoraphobia.

Twice a week, a senior nurse would visit him to check up on his health and emotional wellbeing. A professional psychologist was appointed to him who would make home visits to Brian on Wednesdays.

Once a week, a young would bring his weekly shopping to him and hang out with him. On Fridays, his local physician would also visit at home. And, of course, Friday nights was pub nights with John.

Having cleared some quite serious phobias and emotional baggage for clients before, I realised Brian was a special case. I asked him,

“Brian, why would you want to get rid of your agoraphobia? After all, you would lose all these visitors. What do you really want?”

He smiled wryly. Brian and I agreed it was better not to proceed with any more therapy.

Here’s the reality check

People hold onto their old stories (ways of being and doing) because, at some level, the suffering is serving them. They will not let go even when that suffering may be leading to the erosion of self-worth, a broken heart, getting fired from a job or getting underpaid or remaining afraid of the unknown.

Humans are programmed to hold onto and protect what they’ve got even more so than to acquire something new. Our behaviour is also affected by how we have been programmed by our local culture, religion and institutions. Very often, it is based on a mechanistic linear worldview.

However, quantum physics AND ancient wisdom say we live in a field of information. Everything is connected to everything else. We are all entangled with each other somehow.

So when you wish to bring about change elsewhere all it takes is amending the frequency of the information radiating from you. This information travels through our personal energy field and radiates out to the wider field.

Both your personal energy field and that of the space beyond you can be measured with a high degree of accuracy. I recently interviewed Professor Konstantin Korotkov about this very thing.

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My dear friend and colleague, Gregg Braden, demonstrated this very point at a live seminar in 2007. He showed a video of how a woman’s tumour was removed without medicine or surgery using pure intention. It took less than 3 minutes.

Take a look at the video now.

Ultimately, your heart is like a satellite dish. It is the portal that radiates your intentions (including feelings) out to the world. We know through scientific and testing that your feelings for your beloved can be measured between your hearts, for example.

We also know that your healing intention can influence a person’s recovery and recuperation from a health scare. We also know that when you bring a small number of people together united with one singular intention, you can change the energetic makeup of an entire town, city or nation.

We will be doing precisely this at The Human Heart Gathering – opening and uniting hearts to influence direct and positive change to entire communities.

Would you like to be part of a global change of heart?

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