In order to survive, every human has to self-heal.

But life is not just about surviving. It is also about thriving. Thus, some people have taken healing to another level. They have the capability to heal others because they healing other is an innate gift; or they learn the skills and practice of healing from an experienced teacher.

Getting healed from debilitating conditions or emotional trauma is one thing. Healing others on a consistent basis is playing the game of life in a different league altogether.

There are numerous benefits of being an energy healer. Here are 17 powerful benefits of being an energy healer:

1. Accelerates The Body’s Self-Healing Ability

Imagine a lighthouse sending out light to ships passing by. Where is the light at its most intense and brightest?

Of course, it is most intense at its source. As as a sender of energy, the energy healing that takes place is most intense within yourself. Thus, in a way, the biggest beneficiary of the healing intention is, in fact, the energy healer.

2. Clears The Mind and Improves Focus

Have you ever observed a brain surgeon in action?

For the operation to be a success, it is imperative she is calm, has a clear mind and clarity of focus. Her every thought, intention and movement is carried out with exceptional precision.

The energy healer with a high success rate has developed the ability to clear her mind in an instant and have total focus like any other precision engineer.

3. Helps You Sleep Better

Energy healers who enter altered states of consciousness through meditation also release melatonin far more easily and effectively. Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland that regulates the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle). It is often used as a short-term treatment for insomnia, such as jet-lag.

4. Cleanses Body of Toxins and Supports Immune System

Sending healing from an altered state of consciousness causes shifts in the expression of 20,000 genes related to stress, inflammation and wound healing. Thus, the act of healing others leads to significant change in the healer’s immune function.

5. Empowering Beliefs are instilled

As the energy healer’s confidence rises due to the increased healing capabilities, their self-beliefs alter. The disempowering beliefs are marginalised, whilst new empowering beliefs are programmed in. This also raises the individual’s self-worth.

6. Promote Balance and Harmony

Given the energy healer is exposed to a wide variety of healing issues, knowledge and wisdom about balance and harmony is gained. It is less painful to learn from other people’s dis-ease than to experience it for oneself.

Furthermore, the active healing of others improves the healer’s blood chemistry, heart-brain coherence, blood pressure and much more. Overall, the energy healer enjoys an increase in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance and harmony.

7. There is a noticeable SHIFT in how you feel.

An effective healer operates from the space of compassion, kindness and caring. Such activity takes the healer out of survival mode and into creation/creativity cycle. This lifts the individual from experiencing fear and anxiety-based emotions into operating from self-love and being loving towards others.

Not only does the sense of emotional wellbeing improve, the healer’s significant relationships will also be enhanced. Very often, those relationships change substantially.

8. Relaxes and Releases Tension From The Body

The 21st century has brought great technological advances and brought us closer together thanks to the internet. It also brought with it numerous local and global challenges that have left many people on edge.

This frantic living (more like existing) creates an awful amount mental, emotional and physical tension. In order to heal others, one needs to be relaxed, calm and still. Regular energy healing of allows the individual to drop the tension and feel more relaxed more often.

9. Subconscious Blocks are Removed

The energy healer who follows the guidance of a highly experienced mentor reaps numerous benefits. The healer will often be triggered by either their client’s situation or by a peer.

The trigger indicates there is some kind of emotional block that needs to be cleared. Once the block is removed, the individual’s healing prowess increases.

10. Release Emotional Trauma associated with past experience

The “seed cause” of most triggers originate from childhood events. The mentored energy healer has the opportunity to permanently disarm the cause and, therefore, remove all related future triggers.

11. Remove Ancestral Patterns and Programs

Some of the advanced energy healing practices involve working on what is known as “family karma”. This is when a family pattern repeats generation after generation. These include poverty, illness, broken marriages, etc.


12. Clear Energetic Ties to Negative Energies and Experience that is not supportive

Everything is energy. Sometimes we can inadvertently get caught up in negative energies relating to people, places or even predicaments. The foundations of any respectful energy healing practice involves grounding oneself and cutting cords and attachments to unwanted energies.

13. New Energy and Enthusiasm is gained for Transformation

When the energy healer witnesses the changes and sometimes spontaneous healing experienced by their clients, it lifts the healer’s enthusiasm for healing more and more. This also raises the vibrations (dominant emotions) of the healer.

14. You can do the healing from home or anywhere in the world

The beauty of energy healing is that it is not restricted by time and space. Quantum physics demonstrates that we are all entangled beyond the three-dimensional experience. Thus, healing can take place remotely as well as face-to-face.

15. You can heal humans, animals, plants as well as the environment

Everything is energy and, thus, energy fields can be measured and have been measured thousands of times with various equipment. Your plants and animals have consciousness. Even the land you grow your fruits and vegetables have consciousness.

Energy healing is all about bringing about coherence and harmony in the energy fields of your target. With the right training, you can heal pets, plants and the planet. Not just people.

16. Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing

The practice of energy healing for some is not just about helping others. It is also about spiritual growth. The more you evolve and release old emotions, the more effective your healing becomes.

17. Healing Professionals Have Meaningful Work

As humans, we have a built-in need to have productive lives. This is not just about earning a wage, but about living according to our individual and collective values. Many professions may be financially rewarding, but have little life or soul.

On the other hand, due to the nature of the transformation clients experience, energy healers find their work as being deeply meaningful. Even when the income is not so great, the energy healer gains far more job satisfaction than any other work.

However, there is also nothing stopping an energy healer from earning a lucrative income from their direct services and the add-on product and services.


Whilst everybody who is alive, by definition, self-heals, not everybody has to or even needs to be an energy healer. Being an energy healer is not a smooth path. It is a rollercoaster journey as you will have to face your inner demons that prevent you from living a fulfilling life.

However, the individual who chooses to invest their time, energy and effort into becoming a professional energy healer enjoys a range of benefits that very few other vocations can match. Should you be serious about becoming a professional energy healer, then you are welcome to join How To Be A Successful Energy Healerlive webinar. Click here to register:

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