Inspiration Precedes Influence

Do we need motivation to make our decision?

Nope. Motivating a person to take a specific action means having to persuade or even coerce someone that your idea, product or service is good for them.

If someone needs to be motivated to take an action from an outside source, then your offer isn’t that important to her.

On the other hand, inspiring a person (customer, staff, supplier, etc) means she already values what’s on offer and what it stands for.

Inspiration comes from the Latin word ‘spirare’, which means ‘to breathe in’. The in-breath is the source of life. It energises and moves people.

When a person is inspired about an idea, product or service, she doesn’t need to be hounded like an army drill sergeant. She won’t hesitate, procrastinate or deliberate on her decision to act.

Inspiring an individual requires providing information that resonates with her highest values in a language that she understands.

The words you write or speak will stir up the necessary emotions that lead to her making the decision. Once she is inspired, it is far more easier to influence her to take action.


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