How to Handle Negative (and Positive) Feelings

James was gutted. He’d just about managed to get an order from one of his hospital accounts after months of trying. At last, they ordered one of the single-use products in bulk. It was a record order for a hospital of that sized. But one of the items had literally come unhinged during a procedure. [...]

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Rewiring The Brain Of The Behaviourally Challenged

A number of years ago, I received an invitation to deliver a 1-hour motivational talk at a school to their most disruptive and behaviourally challenged students. The age of these boys were between 13 and 15. This group students had been pulled out from normal classroom activities due to the negative impact they were having [...]

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Impacting Lives Means More Than Getting Results

Oldest restaurant in Europe based in Austria opened in 803 CE There's getting results and there's making an impact. Results can be often be measured by sales value, sales volumes, number of customers acquired, etc. It doesn't mean what you offer has a positive consequence for the people you serve and/or the planet. [...]

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Influence Begins With Inspiration

In order to influence an individual or many individuals, there are two possible paths - motivation and inspiration.  Motivation is a pulling force that requires outside intervention to get the individual to take action. For example, getting the end of year tax forms completed before the deadline. When someone requires motivating to do something, that [...]

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Inspiration Precedes Influence

Do we need motivation to make our decision? Nope. Motivating a person to take a specific action means having to persuade or even coerce someone that your idea, product or service is good for them. If someone needs to be motivated to take an action from an outside source, then your offer isn’t that important [...]

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When Geeks Rule The World

Throughout the 80’s, 90’s and even the noughties, geeks were laughed at. So who’s laughing now? They seem to be ruling the entrepreneurial world – Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffet and Musk come to mind just as starters. The human brain is the crowning glory of mammalian evolution. These geeks were so obsessed with their area of [...]

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Discipline Your Disappointments.

You like rejection, right? Probably not. The thought of rejection triggers our innermost survival mechanism. When a prospective client rejects your proposition, it’s not personal. They may have a dozen reasons why they said ‘no’. Don’t give up so soon. They are saying ‘no’ because what you’re offering does not currently resonate with them. In [...]

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Never break promises

Your word is your bond. Does that sound like an old cliché? It shouldn’t. The single most important why your customers, team, suppliers and any other human will engage with you is because of one word ‘trust’. Fail to keep promise once and most people will be willing to forgive you, but they may not [...]

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Get your facts straight AND listen to your gut

As a leader, you have big decisions to make at least 3-4 times a week. Each decision you make has a primary (direct) consequence. That decision will also have a secondary (‘indirect’) consequence. It will have a tertiary consequence. And, so on. As the awareness of the multidimensional consequences is honed, your level of impact [...]

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The Quite Space

The big decisions may define what success you enjoy. Your small decisions will define who you become. All aspirational leaders have busy minds. Most ridiculously successful entrepreneurs suffer from some form of attention deficit. However, when it comes to their massive obsession, they have attention surplus. In order to create attention surplus, practice shutting down [...]

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