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Do you have what it takes to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur?

26 February 2018|0 Comments

Pound for pound amongst all the professions, the most influential change makers are entrepreneurs. But, it is rarely and easy ride.  What makes entrepreneurship especially challenging is understanding the bigger picture as am business owner [...]

Influence Lesson #6 Master Listening Skills

19 February 2018|0 Comments

Whether you're in the field of counselling and therapy, medicine, coaching, finance or anything you choose, you're dealing with humans. You're a leader. An influencer. Since everybody is so busy being busy that they end [...]

How Your Relationships Affect Your Decisions

15 February 2018|0 Comments

There is only 1 major aspect of your life that ultimately determines your success – your relationships. You don’t just have relationships with your spouse, family and friends. Heck, no! There are 7 other relationships [...]

Influence Lesson #5 Be Like a Superhero

14 February 2018|0 Comments

Confidence. How much do you have? Very little? Lots? Or are you oozing confidence? You don't need to be confident with everything. As an influencer, however, you need to be confident in your speciality. It [...]

Influence Lesson #4 – Share the dream

14 February 2018|0 Comments

There is only one real reason why relationships are created and sustained.  Resonance.  The only reason a relationship fails is dissonance (opposite of resonance). In physics, resonance is a phenomenon in which a vibrating system [...]

Influence Lesson #3: Smile

14 February 2018|0 Comments

Are you known as someone who lifts the mood or kills the atmosphere? Everybody wants to be happy and feel fulfilled.  The release of endorphines, dopamine and serotonin makes people feel good, relaxes their body [...]

Influence – Lesson #2: Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

12 February 2018|0 Comments

Each person has approximately 60,000 thoughts a day. Every thought generates a biochemical response. Depending on the biochemical or combination of biochemical (neurotransmitters), emotions are generated.  For example, epinephrine (adrenalin) is released when a person [...]

Influence – Lesson #1: Practice silence when others speak

12 February 2018|0 Comments

"Let thy speech be better than silence or be silent." Those were the words of Dionysius.  Even the greatest or orators understand that it is not just the words, but the words between the words, [...]