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How to Activate Your Creative Juices

5 July 2018|0 Comments

Creativity. Some are fearful of this subject. Others thrive in it. Creativity can both be a gift and a curse for the same person. However, if you're an entrepreneur or a highly ambitious leader, in [...]

Princess Diana – the Voice of Influence

11 May 2018|0 Comments

Some people live to ripe old age and never speak up. Others live to a tender young age, but their voice becomes a legend.  Princess Diana was one such voice of influence. Tragically, she only [...]

Learn From The Master Influencers On The Harun Rabbani Show Podcast

1 May 2018|0 Comments

How much more would you impact on the lives of the people you serve if you used strategies and tactics that have been proven to work? As well as coaching and training my clients to [...]

Have you thought about reinventing yourself for your business or career?

9 April 2018|0 Comments

If you've ever felt stuck in your business or career decisions, it can be very confusing about the direction you should be heading.  This is exactly what happened to Lottie Moore. A number of years [...]

Do you have what it takes to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur?

26 February 2018|0 Comments

Pound for pound amongst all the professions, the most influential change makers are entrepreneurs. But, it is rarely and easy ride.  What makes entrepreneurship especially challenging is understanding the bigger picture as am business owner [...]

Influence Lesson #6 Master Listening Skills

19 February 2018|0 Comments

Whether you're in the field of counselling and therapy, medicine, coaching, finance or anything you choose, you're dealing with humans. You're a leader. An influencer. Since everybody is so busy being busy that they end [...]

How Your Relationships Affect Your Decisions

15 February 2018|0 Comments

There is only 1 major aspect of your life that ultimately determines your success – your relationships. You don’t just have relationships with your spouse, family and friends. Heck, no! There are 7 other relationships [...]

Influence Lesson #5 Be Like a Superhero

14 February 2018|0 Comments

Confidence. How much do you have? Very little? Lots? Or are you oozing confidence? You don't need to be confident with everything. As an influencer, however, you need to be confident in your speciality. It [...]